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CA16201: Unraveling new physics at the LHC through the precision frontier

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PARTICLEFACE is a COST Action in the field of theoretical elementary particle and high energy physics. It involves an interdisciplinary community of more than 120 researchers from 27 countries with outstanding expertise in physics, mathematics and computer science.

Elementary particle physics is currently described by the Quantum Field Theory called the Standard Model (SM). The SM, being the greatest success in particle physics, is well known to be theoretically incomplete. Fundamental questions underlying its deep quantum structure are still unanswered. The SM accounts neither for the observed mass hierarchy among elementary particles, ranging from the mass of the very light and elusive neutrinos to the top quark which is as heavy as a gold atom, nor for dark matter or dark energy. Most importantly, it cannot remain valid to arbitrarily high energies and does not include gravity. After the confirmation of the Higgs boson's existence at the CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012, entirely new questions come into focus in the field.

The aim of PARTICLEFACE is to shift the current precision
frontier in theoretical high energy physics to a new level of accuracy and to create new resources of networking and innovation, with the quest for discovery at the LHC and future high-energy colliders as the main motivation.
It is designed to work through long-standing challenges on the basis of the most encouraging advances in Quantum Field Theory and related areas of pure mathematics and computer science by uniting the leaders of the field in a coherent effort.
Kort titelCA16201: PARTICLEFACE
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