Decay Spectroscopy of Superheavy Nuclei

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  • Subatomär fysik


The goal is to conduct high-resolution decay-spectroscopy experiments on superheavy nuclei by employing novel concepts and new radiation detection systems. The new type and quality of spectroscopic information shall in turn lead to a better understanding of the nuclear shell structure of the heaviest atomic nuclei and the opportunity to approach nuclei closer to the long-sought, so-called “Island of Stability”. Tasks include the development and detailed characterisation of new high-purity germanium detectors and their arrangement within a new detector chamber. Following these experiment preparations at Lund as well as at the respective accelerator site, active participation in the experiments, data analysis and physics interpretation, and the presentation of the scientific results written and orally.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2016/12/012020/12/31


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Dirk Rudolph, Sven Åberg, Gillis Carlsson, Christoph Emanuel Düllmann, Pavel Golubev, Luis Sarmiento Pico, Ulrika Forsberg, Jussi Toivanen, Daniel Ward, Christian Lorenz, Anton Såmark-Roth, Martin Albertsson, Jimmy Ljungberg, Daniel Cox, Yulia Lindholm, Katarina Lindqvist & Mari Lundberg

Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet i Lund, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Nobelstiftelsen


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Såmark-Roth, A., Sarmiento, L. G., Rudolph, D., Ljungberg, J., Carlsson, B. G., Fahlander, C., Forsberg, U., Golubev, P., Ragnarsson, I., Ackermann, D., Andersson, L. L., Block, M., Brand, H., Cox, D. M., Di Nitto, A., Düllmann, C. E., Eberhardt, K., Even, J., Gates, J. M., Gerl, J. & 28 andraGregorich, K. E., Gross, C. J., Herzberg, R. D., Heßberger, F. P., Jäger, E., Khuyagbaatar, J., Kindler, B., Kojouharov, I., Kratz, J. V., Krier, J., Kurz, N., Lommel, B., Mistry, A., Mokry, C., Omtvedt, J. P., Papadakis, P., Runke, J., Rykaczewski, K., Schädel, M., Schaffner, H., Schausten, B., Thörle-Pospiech, P., Trautmann, N., Torres, T., Türler, A., Ward, A., Wiehl, N. & Yakushev, A., 2018 okt 9, I : Physical Review C. 98, 4, 11 s., 044307.

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