Development of a computerized test of hypnotic suggestibility

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There are large personal differences in people's abilities to respond to hypnotic suggestions (hypnotizability). At this point, hypnotizability can only be measured by subjecting a person to hypnosis, and measuring the number of suggestions they respond to under hypnosis. Most hypnotizability tests take about an hour to administer, and they often require the presence of a skilled professional. This makes hypnotizability testing very resource intensive.
Hypnotizability is often important for hypnosis research, and many of the studies are conducted on people with high or low hypnotic suggestibility only, which necessitates pre-study hypnotizability screening. A less resource intensive solution for pre-study screening that can be used in both laboratory and clinical testing is required.
In this project we seek to develop a computer-based hypnotizability measurement instrument, that can free up valuable resources in hypnosis research, and which can also serve as a basis for improving our understanding of hypnotizability by fine-tuning our measurement methods.

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We would like to develop a computer-based test that can measure a person's ability to respond to hypnotic suggestions.
Kort titelComputerized hypnotizability testing
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