Early medieval towers in Sweden

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  • kastaler, medeltid, landskapsarkeologi, Blekinge, Gotland


The aim of this project is to study freestanding early medieval towers. This will be done using a larger landscape perspective, instead of, as traditionally, only study them as individual monuments. By clarifying what other remains that can be found adjacent to the towers, a completely new picture of their function can be created. What other buildings, if any, were adjacent to the tower, and what do these remains say about the function of the tower and the complex? Apart from the towers that have been located next to churches, this discussion is largely absent today. How was the complex with towers and other buildings located in the landscape in relation to communication routes, harbours and farmland? Within the project, fieldwork is primarily planned at a tower outside Ronneby in Blekinge, at a later stage hopefully also at the tower at Sundre on Gotland.
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