Electrical Characterisation of III-V Nanowire MOSFETs

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III-V materials are promising for the realisation of low-power and high-frequency MOSFETs. An essential challenge up to date is the integration of a high-quality high-k gate oxide on III-V channels. Defects in MOSFET gate oxides give rise to noise and dispersion over a large range of frequencies and threaten the long-term reliability of the devices. In this thesis work the detrimental effects of gate oxides are characterised over a large range of frequencies, from GHz down to low-frequency noise. The results advance the understanding of the effect of gate oxide defects on device operation and on the physical origin of these effects.

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An ever increasing number of electronic devices utilising transisotrs brings along the need for lower power consumption of the individual transistors. At the same time the emergence of 5G and the Internet of Things requires devices more and more optimised for wireless communication and thus for high-frequency operation. The integration of III-V materials in transistors promises to increase operation frequencies and reduce power consumption. One of the essential challenges of this integration is the realisation of a high-quality gate oxide, which is one of the central parts of a transistor. This thesis studies the effects of gate oxide defects on the operation of III-V transistors in order to be able to improve device performance accordingly.
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