English Education Policy in Sweden: Global and Local Engagement

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In 2011, a new set of national curricula took effect in Sweden (SFS 2010:800; SFS 2010:2039). Along with the curricula came new syllabi for upper secondary subjects, including languages. This was the first major reform by the Swedish National Agency for Education (hereafter Skolverket) of the national syllabus for English in the decade since the previous language education syllabi came into force in 2000. The 2011 policy purports to advance further a globalized stance (Gy 2011a), raising the issue of how the teaching and learning of English can be conceptualized in this light.

To date, the 2011 curricula have not been carefully investigated from the perspective of educational language policy. Accordingly, this project draws upon a discourse analytic approach to language policy to investigate English education curricula from a two-fold perspective: (a) policy content and (b) teacher engagement with policy content.

The first part of the project focuses on an analytical reading of the core documents that govern upper secondary English education: the national syllabus for English, Skolverket’s accompanying guide and commentary on the syllabus, and the general upper secondary curriculum. The second part of the project focuses on how policy is interpreted by educational practitioners, specifically pre-service English teachers, by using role-play situated in a teacher education course to document how teachers develop as language policy arbiters.

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This project examines English education policy in Sweden for the upper secondary level along two dimensions: policy content and teacher engagement with policy content. In the first part, the text of educational policy related to English teaching in Sweden is analyzed to understand how the subject of English is situated in Sweden. In the second part, pre-service teacher engagement with policy interpretation is investigated using role-play to document how they learn to interpret and negotiate educational policy as part of teacher training.
Kort titelEnglish Education Policy in Sweden
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  • Hult, Francis (PI)

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Hult, F., 2018, I : ELT Journal. 72, 3, s. 249-259

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Hult, F., 2017, Discourse and Education. Wortham, S. E. F., Kim, D. & May, S. (red.). 3 uppl. Springer, s. 111-121 (Encyclopedia of Language and Education).

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Hult, F., 2017.

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