Fasbaserad positionering med hög noggrannhet

Projekt: Forskning


Radio based positioning is an area that have received a lot of interest lately due to the introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy and Apple’s iBeacon. While this technology relies on received signal strength from a number of nodes for positioning, the accuracy in the range estimates and hence also the position estimates is quite poor. Another alternative for radio based positioning is to use the ultra wideband (UWB) signaling. For ubiquitous navigation and tracking solutions we, however, would like to avoid the requirement of using special equipment or any special radio signal. In this application we propose to investigate a novel phase based approach to radio based positioning and tracking. Such an approach would enable high resolution tracking of movements, with an accuracy in the order of fractions of a wavelength, i.e. centimeter level precision at standard cellular and wireless frequencies around 2 or 5 GHz. The project is divided into three work packages: 1) parameter tracking methods for multipath aided positioning, 2) channel characterization and modeling for radio based positioning, and 3) phase based multipath aided tracking and positioning methods. We will thus study both the theoretical foundations for phase based positioning and tracing, perform measurement to characterize and model the channel behavior from a positioning perspective and analyze the performance of the base based positioning and tracking approach.
Gällande start-/slutdatum2016/01/012019/12/31