Glaucoma Intense Treatment Study

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GITS is a randomised prospective trial comparing two initial treatment strategies in newly detected previously untreated subjects with glaucoma. One arm was randomized to immediate start with intensive therapy using three different medication in 2 eye drops plus laser trabeculoplasty, the other arm was randomized to the conventional start with monotherapy with stepwise escalation when needed. The main outcome is rate of visual field progression. The recruitment to GITS started in a pilot format in March 2013 and ended in November 2017.
Possible importance: Likely with new recommendations if the intensive initial treatment will reduce the risk for visual impairment due to glaucoma

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The primary aim of the GITS is to investigate whether visual function and vision‐related quality of life (QoL) can be better preserved by intensive initial treatment started at the time of diagnosis than by the more conventional stepwise approaches that are commonly recommended in the glaucoma guidelines
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