Hyltemossa Atmosphere-Biosphere Infrastructure: Linking carbon cycle to airborne particles

Projekt: Forskning


The support requested will enable us to establish the ACTRIS atmospheric aerosol particle observation platform at the Lund University Hyltemossa ICOS site, building on previous financial contributions from both Faculties and Lund University. The purpose of the combined ACTRIS-ICOS atmospheric research infrastructure at Hyltemossa is to offer a site for studying the couplings and feedbacks between climate change, aerosol particles and the forest ecosystem. The support would provide a vital contribution to further develop the Hyltemossa environmental infrastructure as a service provider. We request in total 4940 000 SEK with a suggested contribution of 4 000 000 SEK (81 %) from the science
faculty, Department of Natural Geography and Ecosystem Science, INES and 940 000 SEK (19 %) from LTH, Division of Nuclear Physics (NP). This will cover costs for complementary ACTRIS-motivated facilities at Hyltemossa.
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