Ingmar Bergman's 'Face to Face' (publicerat)

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  • Ingmar Bergman, Face to Face

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The 1976 premiere of Face to Face came at the height of director-screenwriter Ingmar Bergman’s career. Prestigious awards and critical acclaim had made him into a leading name in European art cinema. Yet today Face to Face is a largely overlooked and dismissed work. This book tells the story of its rise and fall.

It presents a new portrait of Bergman as a political artist exploring a new medium with huge public impact: TV. Inspired by Henrik Ibsen, feminism and alternative psychotherapy, he made a series of portraits of the modern bourgeois family focusing on the plight of women. Face to Face followed in the tracks of The Lie (1970) and Scenes from a Marriage (1973).

By his workbooks, engagement planners and other archival material we can trace his investigation into the heart of the repressive family structures to eventually glimpse a way out. The book culminates in an extensive study of the two-year process from the first outlines of the screenplay to the reception and aftermath of Face to Face. Hereby, the book offers a unique insight into Bergman’s world, his ideas and artistry, during a turbulent time in cinema history.
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