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This research program was financed by VINNOVA and interrelated to the research of governing society to low carbon energy and transport system conducted in LETS 2050 (see below). LETS Goods focusing the role of transports/logistics on CO2 emissions and the challenges of such a transition toward a low carbon energy and transport system on firms, industries and regions. I was jointly with Professor Lars-Olof Olander the initiators and applicants of the project in co-operation with the Department of micro-logistics, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, LU.
Kort titelLETS Goods
Gällande start-/slutdatum2010/06/012014/06/01


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Lars-Olof Olander, Karl-Johan Lundquist, Påhlsson, H., Eng Larsson, F., Sten Wandel, Lena Winslott Hiselius, Abbasi, M., Stelling, P. & Smidfelt-Rosqvist, L., 2013, Trafikverket. 76 s.

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Eng Larsson, F., Karl-Johan Lundquist, Lars-Olof Olander & Sten Wandel, 2012, (Submitted) I : Transport Policy.

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