Linking Time Domain Induced Polarization (TDIP) and Spectral IP (SIP) to characterise the subsurface for groundwater management and protection purposes

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  • Geofysik, Grundvatten Forskning, TDIP/SIP Induced Polarization


Access to clean drinking water is a necessary basis of life. A trend towards more use of groundwater is expected due to problems of securing safe drinking water from surface water, however there are threats to groundwater quantity and quality. To overcome the future problems in groundwater management and protection a new geophysical research approach will be developed. The main objective of this project is to assess how enhanced spectral resolution in DCIP (direct current induced polarization) data can be used to better characterize the subsurface with the newest optimized data acquisition hardware in combination with the latest developments in data processing algorithms.
With the knowledge of the link between the spectral information in time domain IP and hydraulic properties the results will give a very valuable tool for mapping drinking water and its vulnerability, and further important applications (e.g. contaminations, landfill, mineral exploration, non-destructive testing of building materials and wood, etc.).
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Tina Martin, Thomas Günther, Adrian Flores Orozco & Torleif Dahlin, 2020, I : Journal of Applied Geophysics. 180, 104141.

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Tina Martin, Maximilian Weigand & Adrian Flores Orozco, 2019 mar 6, DGG Kolloquium 2019: Induzierte Polarisation. Braunschweig: DGG - German Geophysical Society, s. 59-71 13 s. (DGG Kolloquium).

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Martin, T. (Talare), Adrian Flores Orozco (medverkande), Thomas Günther (medverkande), Dahlin, T. (medverkande)
2019 mar 6

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