Listening from within Digital Music Archives - a Sensual Approach to Metadata and Historiography

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The dissertation puts forth the hypothesis that the current state of music historiography is in need of an introspective turn akin to the one taken around 1990 with the advent of New Musicology. This due to the fact that the digital consumption of music questions, and disrupts, the conventional perception of what music history is; what it can be; and how it 'is'. Through a digital ethnography of the digital music archive of the Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR), alongside media theoretical and philosophical-aesthetic discussions about the impact of digital archives as well as about digital culture in general, the project wishes to delineate how contemporary society perceives histories of music and how music historiography as a discipline should approach this.

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The project conducts an examination of how the contemporary digital consumption of music impacts the writing of music history.
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Andreas Helles Pedersen, 2020 jun 17, (Unpublished).

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragAnnan

Andreas Helles Pedersen, 2020 jun 10, (Unpublished).

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragAnnan

Andreas Helles Pedersen, 2020 maj 21, I : The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics. 29, 59, s. 97-118 21 s.

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