Medarbetare som strategiska kommunikatörer – om värdeskapande i möten med intressenter

Projekt: Forskning


This project aims to develop an increased understanding of coworkers’ communication with external stakeholders. While organizational value previously was defined in terms of tangible products and quantities, the quality of relationships with customers, citizens and other stakeholders are now seen as increasingly important. As a consequence, communication between employees/coworkers and external stakeholders is perceived as an important arena for value-creation. This project will be based on group interviews with employees in the municipality of Helsingborg in order to examine how they understand and act in their role as communicators. More specifically, the project addresses the following research questions:

• What challenges and possibilities are linked to coworkers as communicators?
• What is characteristic of the meeting and the interaction between the coworkers and external stakeholders – to what extent does it involve not only specific, operational issues, but also organizational, strategic issues?
• What support is given to coworkers in their role as communicators?
Gällande start-/slutdatum2019/01/152019/12/31