Online X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for highly time resolved elemental analysis of particulate matter

Projekt: Forskning


Online XRF would significantly expand our capability for highly time-resolved elemental analysis of particulate matter. We now have “blind spots” which would be eliminated, including important components of atmospheric (mineral dust) urban (road dust) and engineered, engine and workplace (several metals and metal oxides) aerosols. Our current instrumentation is limited to the particle size range 0.1-1 µm. On-line XRF samples a wider range of particles. Notably size ranges which are prescribed in legislation: PM2.5 (particles of diameter up to 2.5 µm) and PM10 (ditto 10 µm) could be probed. While our current instrumentation is mainly useful for the bulk chemical composition, XRF targets include elements that, while potentially very important for source attribution and adverse health effects, are present in trace amounts.
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