Outcome for substance abusers in municiplaities with a high or low rate of applications for court-ordered care

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After an amendment in the Swedish legislation for involuntary care of substance abusers a difference emerged between municipalities. Some municipalities decided in a higher rate to apply for court-ordered care (55% of applications/reports) and some in a lower rate (12% of applications/reports).
During 1 ½ years all eligible cases (106) from low and high rate municipalities were assessed by two social inspectors at the county administrative board. The inspectors were blinded in regard to the decision in each case and from which type of municipality the case came from. In the assessment the inspectors rated the case on a 10 point scale where 0=no legal indication for court-ordered care and 10=definitely a case for court-ordered care according to legislation.

Some results
A follow-up was performed after two years indicating no significant difference in global outcome (housing, substance use and occupation) but a tendency to a higher mortality in the non court-ordered group.
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