Att förutse framtiden på bråkdelen av en sekund: psykolingvistiska och neurofysiologiska undersökningar av snabba föraktiveringar av ord i talat språk

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In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the brain constantly tries to anticipate the future, essentially functioning as a ‘prediction machine’. For example, when processing language, listeners try to predict what the speaker is going to say next in order to rapidly and effortlessly understand what is being talked about. The present project investigates the neural underpinnings of language pre-activation, specifically the neurophysiological indices of rapid, within-word prediction taking place within hundredths of a second.
Specifically, the project investigates the pre-activation negativity (PrAN) – a brain potential discovered during the course of Dr Söderström's doctoral studies – in unprecedented temporal and spatial detail, by carefully controlling lexical, phonetic and phonological factors, and by modulating the predictability of individual phonemes and word endings.
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Irena Lovcevic, Pelle Söderström, Marina Kalashnikova, Yatin Mahajan & Denis Burnham, 2019 jun 13.

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