Preservation of the ephemeral: challenges in saving memories of online fan culture

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This dissertation examines the information generated in the interplay between online fan communities and social media platforms as well as problematises its relation to preservation. The aim is to empirically elucidate the challenges involved in preserving the culture of online fan communities and to provide a conceptual understanding of saving ephemeral information produced in the entanglement between sociality and technology online.
Through a conceptual framework resting on sociomateriality and archival theory, the investigation of social practices and content of online fan communities will inform inquiries into preserving information generated on social media platforms as well as preservation issues within fandom namely of commercial, juridical, and ethical character. The first line of investigation concerns the sociality and content generated in the interplay between the online fan community and the social media platforms. Aspects that inform the interactions between participants and the production of their content will be examined through participant observations and semi-structured interviews. This is exemplified by a comparative study of two online fan communities belonging to the same fandom but residing on two different social media platforms. The second line of enquiry explores how to capture the ephemeral elements of online fan communities. Findings from previous segment is analysed to identify what implications it could entail for preservation. The third line places the online fan communities in a broader setting, namely the larger ecosystem of the web. The focus is to examine how the communities and their information reflects the larger ecosystem of the web and how such conditions effect the preservation of online fandom.
Kort titelPreservation of of the ephemeral
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