Mobile devices and search engines in the everyday life of young people

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I am a PhD student within Information studies. In my project I investigate the role of search engines and mobile devices in the everyday life of young people (teenagers) in Sweden. This is done through an ethnographic approach and I have done fieldwork in schools. My area of focus is on the use of search engines and mobile devices in as well as outside of school. Online searching has become an everyday and mundane task and I am interested in how the activity of searching is shaped by device in use as well as context/location. Also, the way young people conceptualise traces of search and the consequences thereof is explored in my project.
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Cathrine V. Felix, Emmanuel Genot, Erik J Olsson, George Masterton, Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij, Rasmus Kraemmer Rendsvig, Sille Obelitz Søe, Ylva von Gerber, Jonas Fransson, Cecilia Andersson, Jutta Haider, Lars Ilshammar, Linnéa Lindsköld, Olof Sundin, Sara Kjellberg & Hanna Carlsson

Swedish Research Council


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Olof Sundin, Jutta Haider, Cecilia Andersson, Hanna Carlsson & Sara Kjellberg, 2017 feb, I : Journal of Documentation. 73, 2, s. 224-243 20 s.

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