Sociology in healthcare and welfare societies

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The relevance of sociology in healthcare and welfare societies are in focus to understand how human beings are constituted by and constitute themselves and others by engaging in health discourses, institutions and services. That is, how human beings are constituted by and constitute themselves by engaging in health contexts and health circles of different kinds and settings (e.g in family relations, network relations, associations, institutions etc.). Sociology has contributed in analyzing healthcare issues (the state of the art) and the application and relevance for using a sociological framework studying healthcare and welfare issues could be done by drawing on a wide range of theories to illuminate how relations in healthcare contexts and circles are constituted.


To highlight sociology in healthcare practice and welfare societies and research by critical perspectives on health, welfare, ethics, subject formation, and power relations.

To highlight critical perspective on implementation science in healthcare practice and other welfare institutions.

network is ledby professor Mona Eklund and includes also associate professors
Elisabeth Argentzell, Carita Håkansson,Birgitta Gunnarsson, ChristelLeufstadius
and Jan-Åke Jansson, another 11 researchers with a Ph.D. (Pia Hovbrandt, Jenny
Hultqvist, SuzanneJohansson, Annika Lexén, Anne-Le Morville, Lisbeth Nilsson,
Kristina Orban,Elisabeth B Persson, Parvin Pooremamali, Carina Tjörnstrand and
BirgittaWästberg) and Ph.D. candidates KristineLund and Susanne Porter. All
are, or have been, part of a research groupat the Department of Health
Sciences, Lund University. Many are still employedthere, but to an increasingly
degree HOW constitutes a network that includesresearchers at other universities
as well. PhD Aaron Eakman (Colorado State University i Fort Collins, USA), PhD
Daniel Sutton (Auckland University ofTechnology i Auckland, Nya Zeeland) and
Ph.D. Laura Vidaña Moya (Universitat de Vic - UniversitatCentral de Catalunya,
Spanien) are linked withthe HOW network as guest researchers.

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