Sustainable consumption and business models in the Nordic mobile industry

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The project objectives were to map out the extent to which more circular business models are being adopted in the mobile phone and service industry, and identify how this adoption can be accelerated. The focus was on models that extend the active lifetimes of phones and their components.
The project consisted of three phases. Phase 1 comprised a mapping of how businesses are engaging in these models. We interviewed 22 businesses within five groups: mobile phone producers, electronics retailers, network service providers, repair services and refurbishers/second-hand sellers. Phase 2 focussed on the relevant legal framework and how this encourages and hinders businesses engagement in the models. We conducted desk-stop study and interviews with 15 consumer organisations, complaints boards/ombudsmen, environmental protection agencies and electronic branch organisations. Finally, under Phase 3 we held a workshop for actors in the mobile phone industry and other key stakeholders to carry out a reality check on our findings and proposed solutions.
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David Watson, Anja Charlotte Gylling, Naoko Tojo, Harald Throne-Holst, Bjørn Bauer & Leonidas Milios, 2017 okt 30, Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers. 85 s. (TemaNord; nr. 2017:560)

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