synchrotron based X-ray tomography of inflammation and fibrosis

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Fibrogenic progression of chronic liver diseases, eventually leading to the development of liver cirrhosis is intimately associated with vascular structural changes within the intrahepatic circulation. In particular, angiogenesis (the formation of new vessels from pre-existing blood vessels) and sinusoidal remodelling are well established pathological hallmarks of chronic cirrhosis.
First, at the micrometer scale using X-ray tomographic microscopy (e.g. at the TOMCAT beamline) we aim to reveal changes in Sinusoid structure from healthy to fibrotic liver tissue in the NIF mouse model.

Abnormal collagen remodeling and reorganization, accounts for one of the most important contributing factors to abnormal scarring and fibrosis progression. Further, we aim to visualize and quantitate long-term changes in the fibrillary matrix component during liver fibrosis progression in the NIF mouse.This study will contribute to the understanding of the molecular basis underlying ECM remodeling in liver fibrosis and possibly suggest new molecular targets for fibrolytic strategies.

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