Teaching Romanian language to foreign students: challenges and solutions

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The publication is to include the scientific papers of some of the 50 Romanian academics teaching Romanian language to foreign students at well established universities all over the world and of some teaching the same subject to foreign
students at the universities in Romania. The focus will be on the challenges they encounter in their activity, both from a scientific and a professional perspective. Each of them is to reveal significant aspects on the organization of work, namely
the competences needed for teaching such a subject, the learning process (which may or may not be the same in different continents, countries, cultures, universities) and the occupational roles they are to play at their place of work and during courses. At the same time their essays could be of significant contribution to understanding sensitive labour issues such as segregation, professionalization or qualification that are to come altogether with the uneasy position of teaching a relative minor language and definitely a language of minority in the contemporary global context, in foreign (or native) universities
with subjects of a more prestigious tradition. The international migration and ethnic relations are a specific challenge for Romanians for quite a while and this is also a reality to be considered when trying to teach Romanian language (and
civilization) as a foreign subject in foreign universities. Learning Romanian language by foreign students is a complex educational process with inherent novel outcomes that are difficult to prefigure. Although one starts from seeming
identical circumstances and the same educational practices may be implemented, random aspect interfere, such as the mother tongue of the foreign student. It can play an essential role. It is a linguistic frame that unintentionally carries out a modelling pressure on the new language that has to be acquired. Pragmatic solutions to all of these challenges are to be proposed by each contributor, based on experience.
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  • Lunds universitet (ansvarig)
  • Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte) (Projektpartner)


  • Lucian Vasile Bagiu - Rumänska (PI)
  • Barlea, Roxana Magdalena - University of Geneva (Forskare)
  • Jieanu, Ioana Carmen - University of Ljubljana (Forskare)
  • Stancu, Valeriu - Humboldt University of Berlin (Forskare)
  • Oprescu, Florin - University of Vienna (Forskare)
  • Cioban, Florin - Eötvös Loránd University (Forskare)
  • Gencarau, Stefan - Aix-Marseille University (Forskare)
  • Mladin, Constantin-Ioan - The Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Forskare)
  • Stanciu, Nicolae - Karaganda State University (Forskare)
  • Horakova, Jarmila - Charles University in Prague (Forskare)
  • Bruciu-Cozlean, Andra - University of Tampere (Forskare)

Relaterad forskningsoutput

Lucian Bagiu, 2016, Despre Sebastian, Sorescu, Dosoftei, Derrida și limba română. Iaşi: Tipo Moldova, s. 377-395 22 s. (Colecția OPERA OMNIA publicistică și eseu contemporan).

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/Conference proceedingKapitel samlingsverk

Lucian Bagiu, 2014, European Integration / National Identity; Plurilingualism/ Multiculturality – Romanian Language and Culture: Evaluation, Perspectives), Proceedings, Iasi, 25-26 September 2013. Botoşineanu, L. & Ichim, O. (red.). Aracne Editrice, Vol. Danubiana. s. 17-26

Forskningsoutput: Kapitel i bok/rapport/Conference proceedingKapitel samlingsverk

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