Den hellenistiska heroon - ett arkitektonisk och socialt monument

Projekt: AvhandlingIndividuellt forskningsprojekt


Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Antikvetenskap


  • Heroa, Hellenistisk Grekland, Hjältkult


I am investigating the building type called "heroon" in the Hellenistic period. These buildings combined religious and civic aspects of life: they were places for commemoration of individuals who became heroes in the collective imagination of the community. I will try to understand the heroon as a monument in a period where individuality and political power affected the society, and possibly connect it to the varying layouts. I will attempt at highlighting the full context of the buildings, considering both the physical and social landscape they were located in.
Kort titelDen hellenistiska heroon
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