The Ordering of Epistemic Living Spaces: Exploring How Early Career Academics Perceive and Respond to Changing Framework Conditions

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During the past few decades, a wave of profound change has struck the field of higher education and research. Central parts of this change are an increased focus on competition and internationalization, growing demands of accountability and productivity, as well as the introduction of new evaluation systems and funding regimes. These dynamics are frequently mentioned as particularly problematic for early career academics in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). However, their own perception of these issues are much less frequently considered. We thus know very little about how junior researchers within these disciplinary cultures navigate and cope with the complex realities of contemporary research landscape.

Against this background, the aim of the present study is to investigate how norms, values, and structures of making a career in academia affect the practices and identities of researchers in the SSH. The study will highlight the interplay between how research and academic work is valued and how early career academics learn to live, work, and produce knowledge within contemporary academia. Hence, the PhD project will focus on the environment in which early career academics spend their working life and how they see it being ordered by disciplinary and institutional structures, performance measures and policy discourses, as well as "the underlying imaginaries and expectations adressed at them and their research" (Felt 2009, 43).

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