The Political Party Space: a magical web survey

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Building on the digital Self-Transforming survey application, the Political Party Space is an application that is located online. It can be accessed via its own web address, distributed through the Mechanical Turk, or used in a lab setting. The application is optimized for computers and laptops, but also run well on tablets. It has a intelligent way of registering, tracking as well as encrypting the participants' data. The Political Party Space collected data the week before the 2014 General Election in Sweden. In this study, we investigated if real time feedback regarding one's party affiliation had effect on acceptance vs correction of false feedback about one's own political attitudes. The study ran for three days and over 500 respondents participated.
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Thomas Strandberg, 2020 maj 18, Lund, Sweden: Department of Philosophy, Lund University. 188 s.

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