The role of Public Participation in the Decision-making Process of Science

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In this task we theoretically and empirically study how scientific freedom is possible to develop for scientists in a cultural and political context that is diverse.

Scientific freedom is highly valued by both university and in politics, but modern biomedical research must also relate to the politicization of science. One example is how research on cells – as nerve and stem cells – is influenced by legal and economic pressure from government, business or advocacy groups. Innovations from biomedical research are not only facing scientifically, but also regulating policies on national and EU levels as well as economic obstacles. From this perspective we can say that there are both accelerating forces and retarding forces that are affecting the development of innovations and the process of taking biomedical research from lab to clinic. At the same time as scientists want to see result, stay ahead of research competitors and come up with new innovations, they also need to relate to policy processes on national and EU level. In recent years the public participation in this policy processes have become more central for scientists and politicians, as a possibility to reach a common position in a very political diverse Europe.
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