The Social Control of Mortgage Default

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In my PhD project I intend to empirically study of the outcomes of mortgage default and foreclosure using micro data from the Swedish Enforcement Authority (SEA, swe. Kronofogdemyndigheten).
The aim is to advance our understanding of the mortgage foreclosure process as relatively open and indeterminate, even though the Swedish Enforcement Code (UB, swe. Utsökningsbalken) leaves little but no room for anything else than legal protocol. It will be examined to what degree its outcomes are affected by the stakeholders (primarily creditors, banks and borrowers), but also what is the role of SEA. Geographical diversities are also a potential area of interest in the study. The study includes a baseline description of the mortgage defaulters as a group compared to other groups and of the outcomes of the mortgage foreclosure process with special focus on time-dependent variables.
The study draws upon previous research within economics, housing, human geography and political economy. The intention is to theoretically develop an understanding of the mortgage foreclosure process in terms of social control.
The inferential statistical analysis relies on both cross-sectional and time dynamics methods.
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