Three short films on daylight utilization in buildings

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This project will allow the production of three short films about daylight utilization in buildings. The first film, which is addressed to a broader audience, will promote the benefits of daylight in terms of health, well-being, learning
performance, etc. This first film will also explain why daylight is more energy-efficient than other sources of illumination. The second film will focus on daylighting design principles for practicing architects and students of architecture. This film will be used in teaching at Lund University, and other universities as well as within the largest architectural practice in Scandinavia (White architects). The third film will focus on the relation between city planning and daylighting. It will show the impact of urban densification on daylight access and the consequences for planning. This film will be addressed mainly to urban planners and professionals who take major planning decisions for cities.
Kort titelFilms Daylighting
AkronymFilm daylighting
Gällande start-/slutdatum2019/01/012021/12/31