WEAVE - a massively multiplex spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope and associated surveys

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WEAVE is a collaboration of scientific institutes in the UK, France and The Netherlands to build a multiplex spectrograph for the William Herchel Telescope and to carry out a five year survey of stars and galaxies with this new instrument. In Lund Observatory a small team lead by Sofia Feltzing and Thomas Bensby participate in this project.
Kort titelWEAVE
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  • Lunds universitet
  • University of Oxford (Projektpartner) (ansvarig)
  • University of Groningen (Projektpartner)
  • Côte d'Azur Observatory (Projektpartner)


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Gerry Gilmore, Sofia Randich, Sofia Feltzing, Thomas Bensby, Louise Howes, Pieter Gruyters, Nils Ryde, Edita Stonkute & Gregory Ruchti


Projekt: ForskningInternationellt samarbete


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M. Balcells, C.R. Benn, D. Carter, G.B. Dalton, S.C. Trager, Sofia Feltzing & et al., 2010, Proceedings of the SPIE. McLean, I. S., Ramsay, S. K. & Takami, H. (red.). SPIE, s. 77357G-1-77357G-15

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