1 volt CMOS Bluetooth front-end

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title = "1 volt CMOS Bluetooth front-end",
abstract = "A fully integrated 1 V CMOS Bluetooth front-end for low IF has been designed and measured. The front-end consists of a common-gate LNA and a passive mixer and fulfils the requirements of the Bluetooth specification 1.0B. The front-end has a maximum signal headroom in all nodes since no transistors are stacked, and no external components are needed for the input matching. The measurements show a very good correlation between different samples which indicates the robustness of the topology. The total power consumption is 2.5 mW, the noise figure is 5 dB, the conversion gain is 14 dB, the CP1 is -16 dBm, and the IIP3 is -5 dBm. The front-end is implemented in a standard 0.25 μm-CMOS technology",
keywords = "conversion gain, power consumption, topology robustness, measurement correlation, input matching, maximum signal headroom, Bluetooth specification 1.0B, passive mixer, common-gate LNA, CMOS Bluetooth front-end, low IF device, noise figure, Bluetooth receiver, 1 V, 2.5 mW, 5 dB, 14 dB, 0.25 micron",
author = "Fred Tillman and Henrik Sj{\"o}land",
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