12 x skräck och science fiction

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragRecension av bok/film/utställning etc.


title = "12 x skr{\"a}ck och science fiction",
abstract = "Samlingsrecension av BFI-monografier om skr{\"a}ck- och science fiction-film",
keywords = "Hollywood, skr{\"a}ckfilm, science fiction-film",
author = "Michael Tapper",
note = "Reviewed Work(s): Cat People (by Kim Newman) Bride of Frankenstein (by Alberto Manguel) Don't Look Now (by Mark Sanderson) The Exorcist (2nd ed) (by Mark Kermode) Se7en (by Richard Dyer) The Thing (by Anne Billson) Things to Come (by Christopher Frayling) Blade Runner (by Scott Bukatman) The Terminator (by Sean French) Independence Day (by Michael Rogin) Crash (by Iain Sinclair) The Exorcist (by Mark Kermode)",
year = "1999",
language = "svenska",
pages = "58--61",
journal = "Filmh{\"a}ftet",
issn = "0345-3057",
publisher = "Filmh{\"a}ftet",
number = "4",