1/f and RTS noise in InGaAs nanowire MOSFETs

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title = "1/f and RTS noise in InGaAs nanowire MOSFETs",
abstract = "Low-frequency noise measurements were performed on high-performance InGaAs nanowire MOSFETs. 1/f noise measurements show number fluctuations, rather than mobility fluctuations, as the dominant noise source. The minimum equivalent input gate voltage noise reported here is 80 μm2μV2/Hz, among the lowest values for III-V FETs, and showing the feasibility of a high-quality, low trap density, high-k gate oxide on InGaAs.",
keywords = "1/f noise, Elastic tunneling, InGaAs, MOSFETs, Nanowires, RTS noise",
author = "C. M{\"o}hle and Zota, {C. B.} and M. Hellenbrand and E. Lind",
year = "2017",
month = jun,
day = "25",
doi = "10.1016/j.mee.2017.04.038",
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pages = "52--55",
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