1/f Noise Characterization in CMOS Transistors in 0.13um Technology

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title = "1/f Noise Characterization in CMOS Transistors in 0.13um Technology",
abstract = "Low-frequency noise has been studied on a set of n- and p-channel CMOS transistors fabricated in a 0.13mum technology. Noise measurements have been performed on transistors with different gate lengths operating under wide bias conditions, ranging from weak to strong inversion. Noise origin has been identified for both type of devices, and the oxide trap density Nt, the Hooge parameter alphaH and the Coulomb scattering parameter alphas have been extracted. The experimental results are compared with simulations using the BSIM3v3 MOS model",
author = "Jelena Citakovic and Lars Stenberg and Pietro Andreani",
year = "2006",
doi = "10.1109/NORCHP.2006.329249",
language = "English",
isbn = "1-4244-0772-9",
pages = "81--84",
booktitle = "24th Norchip Conference, 2006.",