A double talk detector based on coherence

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title = "A double talk detector based on coherence",
abstract = "We address the problem of detecting double-talk in a full duplex transmission line. A new double-talk detector (DTD) based on measuring the similarity between the far- and near-end speech signals is proposed. The detector is block oriented and operates in the frequency domain where the similarity between the signals is measured by means of the coherence function. The coherence is estimated with a short sequence of data by exploiting the multiple window spectrum estimation technique. Theoretical evaluation and examples of its performance are presented. The proposed DTD operates accurately in a wide range of situations, i.e., a difference in speech levels and hybrid attenuations ranging from 0 to 20 dB.",
author = "Tomas G{\"a}nsler and Maria Sandsten and Carl-Johan Ivarsson and G{\"o}ran Salomonsson",
year = "1997",
doi = "10.1109/26.544458",
language = "English",
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pages = "1421--1427",
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