A fire safety assessment approach for evacuation analysis in underground physics research facilities

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title = "A fire safety assessment approach for evacuation analysis in underground physics research facilities",
abstract = "This paper introduces an integrated approach for evacuation assessment of nuclear physics research facilities exposed to fire risk. The approach combines the use of a simplified egress modelling method and advanced agent-based simulations of evacuation. An integrated multi-model approach is proposed here given the varying level of complexity concerning evacuation safety in underground physics facilities. This paper introduces a simplified probabilistic egress model based on existing hand calculations for 1D smoke spread modelling and it suggests a procedure for its combined use with advanced agent-based evacuation simulations. This includes the use of the outputs of the simplified egress model in underground smoke-filled portions of underground nuclear research facilities (e.g. tunnel arcs) as an input for complex agent-based evacuation simulations in the underground access shafts. An exemplary application of the integrated approach is presented for the simulation of a set of hypothetical fire risk scenarios in the Future Circular Collider (FCC) at CERN. This approach is deemed to facilitate fire evacuation safety assessment in underground physics research facilities by optimizing the simulation of relevant fire risk scenarios. A discussion on the advantages and implications of the use of an integrated approach in comparison with other safety assessment methods is presented.",
keywords = "Egress, Evacuation modelling, Evacuation simulation, FCC, Fire safety, Physics research",
author = "Enrico Ronchi and Silvia Arias and {La Mendola}, Saverio and Nils Johansson",
year = "2019",
month = sep,
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