A Frame Work for Process State Transitions: Grade Changes

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title = "A Frame Work for Process State Transitions: Grade Changes",
abstract = "In modern chemical process industry, process state transitions, orgrade changes, are common operations. For example, for a papermachine, a common operation is to change the surface weight of theproduced paper. In this case it is of importance that the transitionto the new grade is done fast, but without a breakdown asa result. This paper addresses this problem by combining optimizationtechniques and a tool for sequential control, JGrafchart. The paperalso contains an example, where the proposed method has been appliedto the quadruple-tank process.",
keywords = "Quadruple-Tank, Grade Change, Sequential Control, Grafchart, MPC",
author = "Johan {\AA}kesson and Karl-Erik {\AA}rz{\'e}n",
year = "2002",
language = "English",
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