A framework to explore the effects of urban planning decisions on regulating ecosystem services in cities

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Urban planning is the most relevant decision-making process affecting urban regulating ecosystem services. However, a clear understanding of the effects of planning decisions on both the supply and demand of urban regulating ecosystem services is still lacking. To support planners in enhancing urban regulating ecosystem services, there is a need to understand what variables are at stake and how changes in planning-related variables may affect urban regulating ecosystem services. The article presents a conceptual framework that describes how capacity, demand, and flow of urban regulating ecosystem services, and related benefits, are linked to the main variables controlled by urban planning, i.e. the location, typology, and size of urban green infrastructure, and the spatial distribution and vulnerability profile of population and physical assets. The variables and links described in the framework are then detailed for seven urban regulating ecosystem services. The analysis reveals, for each service, what are the main levers on which planners can act to shape the amount and spatial distribution of urban regulating ecosystem services and related benefits across the city. Uses and limitations of the proposed framework are discussed, and some key messages are drawn for planners on how to operationalise the findings.


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  • University of Trento
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TidskriftEcosystem Services
StatusPublished - 2019 aug 1
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