A measurement of the t dependence of the helicity structure of diffractive rho meson electroproduction at HERA

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title = "A measurement of the t dependence of the helicity structure of diffractive rho meson electroproduction at HERA",
abstract = "The helicity structure of the diffractive electroproduction of rho mesons, e + p --> e + rho + Y, is studied in a previously unexplored region of large four-momentum transfer squared at the proton vertex, t: 0 < t' < 3 GeV2, where t' = - min. The data used are collected with the HI detector at HERA in the kinematic domain 2.5 < Q(2) < 60 GeV2, 40 < W < 120 GeV No t dependence of the r(00)(04) spin density matrix element is found. A significant t dependent helicity non-conservation from the virtual photon to the rho meson is observed for the spin density matrix element combinations r(00)(5) + 2r(11)(5) and r(00)(1) + 2r(11)(1). These t dependences are consistently described by a perturbative QCD model based on the exchange of two gluons.",
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note = "The information about affiliations in this record was updated in December 2015. The record was previously connected to the following departments: Particle Physics (011013002), Chemical Physics (S) (011001060)",
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