A new coalgebraic Lindström theorem

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title = "A new coalgebraic Lindstr{\"o}m theorem",
abstract = "In a recent article, Alexander Kurz and Yde Venema establish a Lindstr{\"o}m theorem for coalgebraic modal logic that is shown to imply a modal Lindstr{\"o}m theorem by Maarten de Rijke. A later modal Lindstr{\"o}m theorem has been established by Johan van Benthem, and this result still lacks a coalgebraic formulation. The main obstacle has so far been the lack of a suitable notion of ‘submodels’ in coalgebraic semantics, and the problem is left open by Kurz and Venema. In this article, we propose a solution to this problem and derive a general coalgebraic Lindstr{\"o}m theorem along the lines of van Benthem's result. We provide several applications of the result.",
keywords = "Coalgebra, modal logic, abstract model theory, Lindstr{\"o}m's theorem",
author = "Sebastian Enqvist",
year = "2016",
doi = "10.1093/logcom/exu045",
language = "English",
volume = "26",
pages = "1541--1566",
journal = "Journal of Logic and Computation",
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