A newly discovered autographed Franz Liszt transcription for the harp

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title = "A newly discovered autographed Franz Liszt transcription for the harp",
abstract = "It is well known that Franz Liszt was fond of the harp as an instrument, and his use of the harp in the orchestra is innovative. He also befriended and worked with prominent harpists of his time, such as Elias Parish-Alvars, Wilhelm Posse, Jeanne Pohl and Rosalie Spohr. The transcriptions he once made for harp are now lost. However, a recent finding in a collec- tion in a Swedish museum, Murberget, L{\"a}nsmuseet V{\"a}sternorrland, - a collection that once belonged to the internationally renowned Swedish harpist Adolf Sj{\"o}d{\'e}n shows a previously unknown transcription for harp of Liszt’s piano piece Ave Maria von Arcadelt. The manu- script is autographed by Liszt although the copyist is unknown.The article discusses Liszt’s possible work processes with the piece, his work process with regard to other harp transcriptions, Sj{\"o}d{\'e}n’s relationship to Liszt and the Ave Maria von Arcadelt, and how the manuscript came into Sj{\"o}d{\'e}n’s possession. It also compares the re- cently found manuscript with Peter Dubez’ harp transcription, and the original piano piece. It is the only preserved transcription for harp that has been autographed by Liszt.",
author = "Lia Lonnert and Helen Davies",
year = "2016",
language = "English",
volume = "98",
pages = "1--21",
journal = "Svensk tidskrift f{\"o}r musikforskning STM-SJM",
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