A Peristaltic Pump Driven Zr-89 Separation Module

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title = "A Peristaltic Pump Driven Zr-89 Separation Module",
abstract = "To facilitate the separation of Zr-89 produced in yttrium foils, an automated separation module was designed and assembled. The module separates more than 85{\%} of produced Zr-89 - activity in 3 g foils in less than 90 min. About 10 {\%} remains in the dissolving vial. The quality of the separated Zr-89 activity was investigated for labeling of the HER2-binding monoclonal antibody fragment, trastuzumab-Fab.",
keywords = "Zr-89, PET, Separation Module, Automation",
author = "Jonathan Siikanen and Mikael Peterson and Tran, {T. A.} and Per Roos and Ohlsson, {Tomas G} and Anders Sandell",
year = "2012",
doi = "10.1063/1.4773969",
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