A phylogenetic analysis of xanthorioid lichens (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) based on ITS and mtSSU sequences

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title = "A phylogenetic analysis of xanthorioid lichens (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) based on ITS and mtSSU sequences",
abstract = "A phylogenetic analysis of xanthorioid lichens of the lichen family Teloschistaceae, based on ITS rDNA and mtSSU sequences, is presented. The data set includes 201 specimens representing 50 species, covering the xanthorioid lichen group, which resulted in 183 new sequences. Five well-supported groups were recognized in the MP analysis: 1) Seirophora, 2) the Xanthoria s. str.-Xanthodactylon group, 3) the Xanthoria candelaria group, 4) Rusavskia, and 5) the Xanthomendoza group. In addition, two of the five groups included seven well-supported subgroups: 2a) the Xanthoria parietina group, 2b) Jackelixia, 2c) the Xanthodactylon flammeum group, 5a) Oxneria, 5b) the Xanthomendoza novozelandica group, 5c) the X. mendozae group, and 5d) the X. poeltii group. The groups are circumscribed, and alternative ways to treat the taxonomy of xanthorioid lichens, based on the presented phylogeny, are discussed. Representatives of the genera Caloplaca, Fulgensia and Teloschistes, related with xanthorioid lichens, are included in the phylogenetic tree and their status is briefly discussed. Three new genera, i. e., Jackelixia, Ovealmbornia and Xanthokarrooa are described and 15 new combinations are proposed.",
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