A Real-World Study of an Audio-Tactile Tourist Guide

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title = "A Real-World Study of an Audio-Tactile Tourist Guide",
abstract = "This paper reports on the in-context evaluation of an audio-tactile interactive tourist guide - one test was done in a medieval city center, and the other was done at an archaeological site. The activity theory framework was used as a perspective to guide design, field-study and analysis. The evaluation shows that the guide allows users to experience an augmented reality, while keeping the environment in focus (in contrast with the common key-hole like experience that on-screen augmented reality generates). The evaluation also confirms the usefulness of extending the vibrational feedback to convey also distance information as well as directional information.",
keywords = "Navigation, multimodal, augmented reality, non-visual, inclusive",
author = "Delphine Szymczak and Kirsten Rassmus-Gr{\"o}hn and Charlotte Magnusson and Per-Olof Hedvall",
year = "2012",
doi = "10.1145/2371574.2371627",
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