A simplified model of an activated sludge process with a plug-flow reactor

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title = "A simplified model of an activated sludge process with a plug-flow reactor",
abstract = "The analysis of a simplified activated sludge process (ASP) with one main dissolved substrate and one main particulate biomass has been conducted in steady-state conditions. The ASP is formed by a plug-flow reactor anda settler tank. The biomass growth rate is described by a Monod function. For this process, it is not possible to get an explicit expression for the effluent substrate concentration when the process is subject to a fixed sludge age.However, when the substrate concentration of the influent is much greater than that of the effluent, an approximate and explicit relation between them is obtained. Numerical examples with two models for the settler are presented. One model is the ideal settler, which assumes a completethickening of the sludge. The other model includes hindered settling and sludge compression. Numerical results show the effectiveness and the limitations of the proposed solution under these scenarios.",
keywords = "bioreactor, clarifier, sludge blanket, sludge age",
author = "Jes{\'u}s Zambrano and Bengt Carlsson and Stefan Diehl and Emma Nehrenheim",
note = "The two conferences EUROSIM 2016 and SIMS 2016 were held jointly.",
year = "2016",
doi = "10.3384/ecp17142824",
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