A strip-yield rate-dependent model for rapid loading conditions

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title = "A strip-yield rate-dependent model for rapid loading conditions",
abstract = "In order to obtain quantitative information of the effects of rate dependent plasticity on crack growth initiation, a strip yield (Dugdale) model for small-scale yielding is developed. The adopted rate dependence of the flow stress is of the Perzyna type. Numerical solutions are obtained for different KI(t) functions. By adopting both a displacement-criterion and a stress-criterion for crack growth, rate effects on the dynamic Fracture toughness are studied.",
keywords = "Fracture Mechanics, Fracture Processes, Fracture Criteria",
author = "Fred Nilsson and Patrich Ohlsson and Fredrik Sj{\"o}berg and Per St{\aa}hle",
note = "Concerns the shift of fracture processes between slow and fast crack growth",
year = "1989",
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