A tablet computer application for conceptual design

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title = "A tablet computer application for conceptual design",
abstract = "In the conceptual design phase, solutions are reached through an iterative, high-paced and often chaotic manner. Conventional advanced structural analysis software is often too advanced and insufficiently agile to follow this high-paced work pattern. Premature use of advanced structural analysis tools can negatively affect conceptual understanding and the quality of the conceptual design. The multi-touch interfaces of today's tablet computers give the user a strong feeling of direct manipulation of objects on the screen. This is interesting for structural mechanics applications, enabling direct manipulation of the structural model on the screen so as to have a better understanding and feeling of the structural behaviour. A tablet computer application for the conceptual design phase, which uses this type of direct manipulation interface, has been developed.",
keywords = "design methods & aids, computational mechanics, education & training",
author = "Daniel {\AA}kesson and Jonas Lindemann",
year = "2016",
doi = "10.1680/eacm.14.00020",
language = "English",
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