Active distances for convolutional codes

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title = "Active distances for convolutional codes",
abstract = "A family of active distance measures for general convolutional codes is defined. These distances are generalizations of the extended distances introduced by Thommesen and Justesen (1983) for unit memory convolutional codes. It is shown that the error correcting capability of a convolutional code is determined by the active distances. The ensemble of periodically time-varying convolutional codes is defined and lower bounds on the active distances are derived for this ensemble. The active distances are very useful in the analysis of concatenated convolutional encoders",
author = "Stefan H{\"o}st and Rolf Johannesson and Kamil Zigangirov and Zyablov, {Viktor V.}",
year = "1999",
doi = "10.1109/18.749009",
language = "English",
volume = "45",
pages = "658--669",
journal = "IEEE Transactions on Information Theory",
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