Ad Experimentum - En observation och analys av Andra Vatikankonciliets diakonatreform med särskild hänsyn till det förnyade diakonatets identitets- och legitimitetsproblematik.

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This dissertation examines the renewal of the diaconate since the Second Vatican Council 1962 to 1965, focusing on the problem of the new diaconate to establish an identity within the ministry and to gain legitimacy both from the priesthood and the laity. The thesis brings forth the idea that the fathers of the Council decided to carry out the reform as an experiment after receiving a proposal to renew the diaconate. The reform of the diaconate is closely connected to the ecclesiological renewal of the church in the sense of Lumen Gentium, a ministerial church.

One of the problems for the new diaconate is the lack of a distinct theology, On the other hand, this deficiency is a part of the experiment. It is up to the deacons, together with the theologians of the church to find a spirituality of the diaconate and also create an identity of the new order which can be embraced by the priesthood as well as the laity. Springing from the reform for the new diaconate, much tension has become evident between groups such as the priesthood and the diaconate, the celibacy and the married deacons, male and female deacons, the institutional and the charismatic order. Finally, the dissertation presents some controversial and much discussed models for the hierarchical structure of the church for the future.

As a background to the analysis, and for future aspects and perspectives regarding this subject, this work also describe the development of the modern diaconate movements from the beginninig, during and after the Second World War, to the gathering into one diaconate movement with the International Diaconate Centre in Rottenburg, Germany, as headquarters for the renewal of the diaconate in our time.


  • Christer Fjordevik
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Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkAd Experimentum - An Observation and Analyse of the Reform of the Diaconate
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