Airway responses following intradermal sensitization to different types of allergens: ovalbumin, trimellitic anhydride and Dermatophagoides farinae

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Sensitization of guinea pigs by intradermal injections of the occupational allergen trimellitic anhydride (TMA) in oily vehicle has been shown to be very reproducible. We studied the effect of intradermal sensitization with ovalbumin (OA) in oily vehicle on immune and airway responses in guinea pigs. We also compared airway responses to trimellitic anhydride or Dermatophagoides farinae (DF; mite) with those to OA in guinea pigs intradermally sensitized to respective allergens. Three to four weeks after sensitization, the animals were challenged with intratracheal instillation of these allergens. Intradermal injections with OA developed dose-dependently specific IgG1 antibodies to OA demonstrated by ELISA. In animals sensitized with different doses of OA in corn oil vehicle, a challenge with OA induced a reversely dose-dependent airflow obstruction and airway plasma exudation. In contrast, animals sensitized with OA in saline vehicle had dose-dependent airway responses to OA. Challenge with OA caused an immediate peak and subsequently persistent airflow obstruction, whereas this response to either TMA guinea pig serum albumin or Df was slowly progressive in animals sensitized to respective allergens. The animals sensitized to TMA or Df may show a different profile of airway responses following the challenge compared to OA. Intradermal sensitization may be a valuable method of sensitization for the development of an animal model of airway allergy to different types of allergens, including chemicals or mites.


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  • Lungmedicin och allergi
Sidor (från-till)274-280
TidskriftInternational Archives of Allergy and Immunology
Utgåva nummer3
StatusPublished - 1995
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